Our Journey

01/2013 - The "DUMB STUFF" collection is launched. It features 51 colorful tshirts, heavy use of the typeface Comic Sans and crude digital drawings. The only designs to feature real names are 'Joe Biden' & 'Donald Trump'.

02/2013 - Popular youtube creator VSauce features the DUMB STUFF collection, putting Comic Sans Design on the map for the first time.

10/2013 - The printing company celebrates DUMB STUFF. It's popularity saves them from bankruptcy, and they wear the collection every day.

01/2015 - the Human Trash label is launches alongside Dumb Stuff. It is a quick success, but new management at the Printing Company censors both brands. Soon after, the company goes bust.

01/2020 - the Dumb Stuff catalog is acquired by XenXiao Holdings Enterprise Solutions llc. who launches it under the banner Sports Brand. The Human Trash collection is compressed into Cyber Peasant.

01/2022 - After a difficult pandemic, XenXiao Holdings dissolves with copyright falling "Unknown Entity" by default. A company registered in the U.S. with this legal name then immediately claims the IP.

05/2022 - The collection is preserved and rescued under new ownership. Designer Brand™ is created.

06/2022 - Designer Brand™ creates official merchandise for popular podcast "Critical".

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