Designer Brand™ cares more about the Planet than any other brand, because we only make items when they are ordered - meaning we create ZERO waste.

Any business manufacturing objects for sale in physical space represents a clear and present danger to the environment. Unlike our planet-hating competitors, we refuse to open physical stores, maintain wasteful inventories or preach about how eco-friendly we are.

Designer Brand™ manufactures everything as soon as it is ordered, allowing us to pass all guilt and responsibility on to the consumer.

Proudly Unsustainable

None of our products are sustainable, all are transitory, impermanent, and destined to fall apart over a long enough period of time. Lucky for you, our items are of extremely high quality and are likely to last beyond your lifetime, however, this website will likely be shut down and it's creators will be killed / die of old age. Either way, this just isn't going to be around for much longer so you better buy a t-shirt and get on with it.

We believe a better future is Not Impossible

Our products are designed to provide significantly more joy and happiness to human beings than any other brand, so that our children can have a brighter future. Designer Brand™ puts the eco in ecommerce, finally.


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